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Our success partners

● Plastic mold manufacturing partners rely heavily on key customers and close cooperation with themthat helps them to understand market needs and ensure requirements are met efficiently.

● Cooperate with experts’ designer and engineers that may help develop more effective and performing molds.

● Building relationships with potential customers and business partners can open new horizons for expanding the market and achieving sustainable growth.

● Cooperate with research institutions and technology development companies that can contribute in providing innovative solutions and technical improvements.


Some of our success partners:

  • Randa Company for the manufacture of children’s toys

  • Akl Automotive Feeding Industries Company

  • Al-Saqr Al-Dhahabi Company for the manufacture of light means of transportation

  • Al-Manar Elevators Company

  • The Egyptian-British Company for Manufacturing Irrigation ProductsRosie Plastic

  • Armed Forces Engineering Authority

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